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Stellabean is a New York based agency that creates innovative hospitality brand communications for some of the world's largest hotel companies.
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two men at hotel lobby front desk in Richmond, Virginia, hospitality branding in VA by creative agency branded beverage cart in hallway, Quirk Hotel light pink custom logo, artsy guest room with wall art illustration guest rooms at Quirk Hotel in Richmond, VA with playful whimsical style, brand identity by creative agency print collateral, black square business cards with rounded corners, tote bag with custom logo design outdoor name sign with lights for Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, brand logo design in unique font

Quirk Hotel

Strategy, Branding, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Collateral Design & Production, Guest Experience

Eclectically sophisticated and at the juxtaposition of functional and fabulous, Quirk Hotel features exquisitely conceived details, clever little twists and understated iconoclasm that inform its fun and fabulous guest experience. From its community focus and highly charged infusion of art, Quirk Hotel lives up to its name – maverick chic that’s approachable and refined yet provocative. Working with a local illustrator, we created whimsical scenes dovetailing with our main color choice. Aptly called Love & Happiness, the brand color reflects the personality of the owners – the charismatic Richmond couple, the Ukrops.


Richmond, Virginia


Branding, Collateral, Guest Experience, Identity, Naming, Visual Language